Who Are We?

At Synergy, we are unique because of our people. We are strategists, writers, graphic designers, filmmakers, web programmers and motion artists. 

Founded in year 2007 with a passion for producing worthwhile, compelling content that inspires change, we have an enormous appetite for quality, wholesome visuals; and a deep desire for organizations & companies to be transformed into market leaders through our services.

Drawing from our experiences in broadcast and web development, our team combines live action, design and technology to deliver compelling visuals that tell your stories.  






Graphic Designing




Motion Graphics


Loh Teng ShuiMedia Strategist

Loh’s unique combination of skills and experience put him in a great position to drive the team towards a winning delivery. Throughout his ten years of career in providing content management systems and web solutions, he has worked on major accounts and managed teams with great success. Loh is an invaluable resource, translating technology into client success.

He is passionate, meticulous and always strive to create values for his clients. He evangelizes digital strategies and oversees the strategic media planning and production process. He also researches and implements the latest tools and resources to increase content reach and measurability. Loh loves the rainforest and is an avid hiker. He is fond of the aborigine’s way of life and is looking forward to his next exploration of new hills and valleys whilst documenting their unique way of sustainable living.

Tan Ei EinCreative Producer

Ei Ein loves infiltrating the cyberspace with positive videos that engages, informs, and promotes life. Her passion for storytelling and motion graphics is evident in every project. She has a natural flair for producing high-impact, imaginative creative routes. She is able to develop stimulating, refreshing and tasteful solutions for a diverse range of projects.
Entrenched in both the non-profit and commercial worlds, Ei Ein’s video works encompasses diverse projects which cater for corporate, industrial companies, and social enterprises. Ei Ein enjoys working with children and loves storytelling and object lessons in Sunday Schools. She is a big believer of sustainable living and has some intention to live off the grid someday.